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Dr. Frautschy's focus in her graduate & initial post-graduate work was to understand the adverse effects of chronic stress on physiology, intrigued by the work of Hans Selye, who in 1956 coined the word "stress" from physics to use to describe the physiological/chemical response to an emotional reaction. She worked under experts in the field of 'stress', completing her MS under the late Gary Moberg at UC Davis in 1980 and Ph.D. in 1986 under Professor Robert Liptrap, DVM, Ph.D. at Univ. of Guelph, Ontario, Canada (also a photographer.) After completing her Ph.D., she trained with Dipak Sarkar (UCSD, now at Rutgers), another neuroendocrinologist. During her 2nd postdoc with Dr. Andrew Baird & directorship of Roger Guillemin (a Nobel laureate who did his postdoc under Hans Selye), Sally worked on brain injury induction of neurotrophic factors where she began her collaboration with Dr. Cole. Many neurotrophic factors become elevated in the Alzheimer's brain as a 'response' to injury. In 1988, Dr. Frautschy, in collaboration with Dr. Cole, decided to evaluate the brain's response to human amyloid and was the first to describe the inflammatory response. Since then, her priority has been to develop practical and effective approaches, particularly nutritional, for stopping this tragic disease, which in part, evolves from a personal experience with a head injury.


Alzheimer's Disease.


COMPLETED - Project 3: Efficacy of New Drugs Directed against Beta Amyloid using in vitro and in vivo Models

Sally A. Frautschy Alzheimer Research Laboratory


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