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Chang Lab

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Leopoldo Valiente-Banuet is a Health Analyst in Dr. Tim Chang’s lab. Leopoldo started his career in Mexico City, where he was a national researcher in medical sciences associated with the National Center of Blood Transfusion, the Center of Complexity Sciences at the National University, and statistical manager in the Center of Biopharmaceutical Studies. He was recognized as a national expert in statistical analysis of bioequivalence studies by the Federal Commission for Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS), which is the regulatory body for healthcare in Mexico, equivalent to the FDA. More recently, he worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center focused on bioinformatic tools to study the HLA complex, the intestinal microbiome, and multiple pipelines for cancer detection. Leopoldo has various hobbies and passions in addition to genomics sciences, and he enjoys working in the context of an innovative and challenging research group, which has certainly found in the Mary S. Easton Center at UCLA.


Chang Lab

ADRC - Biomarker Core

Education and Degrees

M.S. Biological Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico