Sheldon M. Wolf, M.D.

Position Title
Physician of Neurology


UCLA School of Medicine

Director, Memory Disorders Clinic, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Memory Disorders Clinic at
Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Clinic B 2A-185 Room 8
14445 Olive View Drive, (Education & Research Institute)
Sylmar, CA 91342-1437
Appts: (818) 364-1555 (English & Spanish Speaking)


I am trained and board certified as a clinical Neurologist, and I subspecialize in cognitive and neurobehavioral disorders. I am the director of the Memory Disorders Clinical and Research Program at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. I am also the director, at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center of the ADRC research team. I have a strong research background, and was the Chair of the IRB for 25 years, and the Regional Coordinator of Medical Research for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in Southern California.





ADRC - Clinical Core (UCLA-Olive View)

Memory Disorders Clinic at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center

Education and Degrees

    B.A., Columbia College, 1955.

    M.D., Neurology, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1959.

    Neurological Institute of New York, 1960-1963.

    NIH Fellow in Neurology and Immunology, 1963-1964.

    Awards and Honors

    Phi Beta Kappa

    Alpha Omega Alpha

    Chair Institutional Review Board, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Southern California, 1980-1999.

    Regional Research Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Southern California, 1980-1999.

    Attending Staff Neurologist, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, current.

    Clinical Professor of Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine, current.

    Director, Memory Disorders Research, Diagnostic and Treatment Program, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, current.

    Fellow of American Academy of Neurology.

    Member, American Neurological Association.



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